duplicate finder
Find duplicates in the filesystem
Are duplicate files cluttering up your precious storage space on macOS or Windows? Look no further! Duplicate Detective is your go-to application for effortlessly reclaiming disk space and organizing your digital world. Our app employs a lightning-fast search algorithm combined with a sleek and user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to locate and manage duplicate files scattered across your computer's storage. Say goodbye to wasted space and confusion, and say hello to a streamlined, organized digital experience.
Discover the power of our Duplicate Detective app, designed to effortlessly declutter your Mac or Windows PC. Instantly regain valuable storage space with lightning-fast search technology. Its sleek and intuitive interface caters to users of all levels, while smart suggestions simplify file management. Enjoy cross-platform compatibility for a clutter-free digital experience on both macOS and Windows. By reducing duplicates, you're not only optimizing your system but also contributing to a more eco-conscious digital world. Experience increased efficiency, a clear mind, and a personalized solution.
Simply Powerful
It's that easy! With one press of a button, you can see file duplicates. A flawless search algorithm will find almost all types of repeating files in seconds. Colorful UI will immediately suggest duplicated files by grouping them into sections. With help of the multiselection, you can delete files with a single click.
Search Settings
In this window, intuitive and transparent settings will help to tailor the search to your needs. With the path section, it is easy to configure favorite folders. Extension preferences will help search to put the spotlight on the most demanded file types. You can always reset settings with a dedicated button.
Instant Table Duplicates
From time to time, we need to find repeating data not only in files but in tables too. Table dedicated search will help with most kinds of tables. Simply open the file containing tables, and the intelligent search do the rest.
Search Statistics
Wondering how many files there have been found? How much space is saved? We have a dedicated part of the app for that. There you can check all search run times along with the file size counter.